Welcome to "Attacking & Auditing Docker Containers Using Open Source" workshop.

This attack-focused, hands-on training will set you on the path to using common attack techniques against docker, containerized infrastructure and refine your approach when it comes to extending your attack to other resources of your target.


Developers and Operations teams (DevOps) have moved towards containers and modern technologies. Attackers are catching up with these technologies and finding security flaws in them. In this workshop, we will look at how we can test for security issues and vulnerabilities in Dockerised environments . Throughout the workshop we will learn how we can find security misconfigurations, insecure defaults and container escape techniques to gain access to host operating system (or) clusters. In the workshop, we will look at real world scenarios where attackers compromised containers to gain the access to applications, data and other assets.

By the end of workshop participants will be able to

  • Understand Docker security architecture
  • Audit containerised environments
  • Perform container escapes to get access to host environments


  • A laptop with administrator privileges
  • 10 GB of free Hard Disk Space
  • Ideally 8 GB of RAM but minimum 4 GB
  • Laptop should support hardware-based virtualization
    • If your laptop can run a 64-bit virtual machine in Oracle VirtualBox it should work
    • Other virtualisation software might work but we will not be able to provide support for that

Student Prerequisites

  • Basic understanding of Linux
  • Basic understanding of Docker

Take Aways

  • A Gitbook(pdf, epub, mobi) with complete workshop content
  • Virtual machines to learn & practice
  • Other references to learn more about topics covered in the workshop

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