Auditing Docker Volumes and Networks

Listing and inspecting the docker volumes

  • Listing docker volumes
docker volume ls

docker volume ls

  • Inspecting docker volumes
docker volume inspect 1e030154f4952361cec6c21e838a0fb617c7b7cc6359570407eb9f697b229b67

docker volume inspect

  • Looking for sensitive data and secrets
sudo -i
cd /var/lib/docker/volumes/1e030154f4952361cec6c21e838a0fb617c7b7cc6359570407eb9f697b229b67/_data
grep -i 'flag' wp-config.php
grep -i 'password' wp-config.php

looking for data in volumes

  • Volumes can be used with Ready-Only, Read-Write modes

Listing and inspecting the docker networks

  • Docker by default creates it's own networking namespace when we use Docker Swarm or Docker Compose

  • By default bridge, host, null networking options are available

  • Listing the docker networks

docker network ls

docker network ls

  • Inspecting the docker network
docker inspect wordpress_default

docker network inspect

We can use our traditional tool set like nmap (or) nc for performing scans and information gathering

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