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๐Ÿ™‹ FAQ - Kubernetes Goat

This section contains the list of frequently asked questions about Kubernetes Goat ๐Ÿ

I am not from a security background can I still learn from this project?โ€‹

Absolutely YES. This project is intended for different users and security is just one of them, we have various scenarios and use cases explaining from developers, DevOps, and non-security points of view to learn about Kubernetes Security.

Is this project or platform free?โ€‹

Yes, it's FREE. Kubernetes Goat is an open-source project to share knowledge and learnings with the community in an interactive online way.

I don't know about Kubernetes, can I learn Kubernetes Security?โ€‹

We highly recommend learning about the Kubernetes and its technology. If we need to add value from the security point of view, we need to first understand the technology itself. Refer to the Learning Kubernetes section.

Do we have more scenarios?โ€‹

Yes, there are more and more scenarios coming soon. If you have any feedback, ideas and suggestions feel free to send them over via GitHub issue or PR.

How can I get help if I am stuck?โ€‹

This is managed by a community-driven approach, we are working on creating a community platform. Meanwhile, if you have any questions/issues feel free to raise a Github issue or you can DM me on Twitter.

Oops! I found an issue in the project, how can I report it?โ€‹

That's great and thanks for letting us know. If you can report it via Github issue or you can send a PR as well :)

Can I contribute to this project?โ€‹

Of course yes, please. We would love to have more community feedback and contributions to grow the project to help and share the knowledge. Please feel free to contribute and happy to help if you need any support from us.