Docker CIS Benchmarks analysis

Scenario Information

This scenario is mainly to perform the Docker CIS benchmarks analysis on top of Kubernetes nodes to identify the possible security vulnerabilities.

  • To get started with this scenario you can either access the node and perform by following docker bench security or run the following command to deploy docker bench security as a DaemonSet
kubectl apply -f scenarios/docker-bench-security/deployment.yaml
kubectl get daemonsets

Scenario 5 Docker bench DS

Scenario Solution

  • Access the each docker-bench-security-xxxxx pod based on how many nodes you have in Kubernetes cluster and run the Docker CIS benchmarks
kubectl exec -it docker-bench-security-xxxxx -- sh
cd docker-bench-security
  • Run the Docker CIS benchmarks script

Scenario 5 Run Docker bench

  • Now based on the vulnerabilities you see from the Docker CIS benchmarks, you can proceed with further exploitation