Welcome to Kubernetes Goat Scenarios. This is the home for exploring your Kubernetes Goat scenarios, discovery, exploitation, attacks, endpoints, etc.

Ensure you have kubectl and docker binary installed in your host system to get maximum out of this training platform. Follow each scenario by clicking on the scenario.

Access the Kubernetes Goat environment resources

  • Ensure the pods are in running state before running the access script
kubectl get pods

all pods running in kubectl get pods

  • Run the following script to access the environment

Kubernetes Goat Home

Flags looks like below

The flag format looks like k8s-goat-2912d3d0b262bb16afbe450034089463

List of Scenarios

  1. Sensitive keys in code bases
  2. DIND (docker-in-docker) exploitation
  3. SSRF in K8S world
  4. Container escape to access host system
  5. Docker CIS Benchmarks analysis
  6. Kubernetes CIS Benchmarks analysis
  7. Attacking private registry
  8. NodePort exposed services
  9. Helm v2 tiller to PwN the cluster
  10. Analysing crypto miner container
  11. Kubernetes Namespaces bypass
  12. Gaining environment information
  13. DoS the memory/cpu resources
  14. Hacker Container preview